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The artists that make up the band are: Lead singer / Keyboards / Acoustic Guitar : Dennis Atlas states today that one of his strongest early influences in deciding to pursue a full time career being a musician and performer was initially sparked after listening to Queen’s music and then seeing a Queen Nation live several years ago. It’s both Ironic and fitting that we would recruit, welcome and mentor Dennis into the group as the lead singer to front the band. Rounding out the rest of the players are: Guitar: Sean Vajra , Bass: Sheldon Bonada and Drums : Tyler Kretchmer. The great thing about this unit is that they are all friends that work and have performed together in other musical projects over the years . The pre existing comradery is a plus when delivering the goods on stage during the show. 


Queen Legion performs a live 90 minute show of Queen’s library of greatest hits. They work hard to try and recreate a vintage Queen concert show format. The presentation is meant to be realistic , authentic and reminiscent to an early arena rock show honoring and paying homage to arguably one of the greatest lead performers Freddie Mercury and the band Queen who are unquestionably one of the greatest rock bands of all time.


Dennis Atlas is a highly sought-after lead singer, frontman, keyboardist, guitarist and (literally) life-long Queen fanatic. He has performed nationally in 10 different classic rock tribute bands, and internationally in progressive rock bands Lufeh, Pattern-Seeking Animals, Bad Dreams, and his own primary band Squiggle Tooth (featuring the same four members as Queen Legion).For years, audiences of thousands have been entertained and blown away by Dennis’s abilities to channel and authenticate many of classic rock’s greatest frontmen, especially his musical hero, Freddie Mercury. Thanks to loving, rock-and-roll parents; growing up, Dennis had access to multiple VHS tapes of Queen’s Greatest Hits, live concerts, as well as CD’s, Vinyls, and 5.1 surround sound DVD’s of Queen II, Sheer Heart Attack, A Night at the Opera, and many more. The first tribute band Dennis ever saw, at 10 years old, was Queen Nation in 2008. Soon after, he started his own Styx tribute band, which was performing professionally in casinos, as teenagers, before they were even legally allowed to be in them.After having released 3 albums of original material and performing around the world, Dennis was thrilled and honored to take on the role of frontman in Queen Legion in 2022 with his Squiggle Tooth band mates.

Dennis Atlas 



Sean Vajra – GUITAR

Sean Vajra's unique approach to guitar and wicked sense of perfect pitch brings Queen Legion a special sense of musicality and flash.

Capabilities on 6-, 7-, 12-string, electric, acoustic, mandolin, lap steel, midi, double-neck, Spanish laud, and more is only one little part of what makes Sean one of the most versatile guitarists in the business.

Conveniently, Sean has an impeccable ability to emulate Brian May’s distinctively recognizable finger technique and overall playing style. Plus, Sean’s outstanding vocal range helps facilitate the band’s ability to recreate Queen’s iconic harmonies live on stage with no pre-recorded music. All that, coupled with his dead-on identical height to Brian May (at 6’2”) makes Sean an incomparably perfect guitarist for Queen Legion.

Sheldon Bonada has performed in national touring acts for over 15 years, worked as a session bassist for Hans Zimmer, David Foster, and has appeared on stage with members of Yes, Foo Fighters, Boston, and Deep Purple.

If Sheldon wasn't so unmistakably defined as a tremendous friend, father, band mate, singer, and bass man of all bass men, he would have to be defined as a bass-gear-collecting NUT! This man plays stereo bass with his fingers, feet, and sings all at the same time depending on the song (or his mood).Having played a critical role in the formation of the band, he brings a strong dedicated mindset to the ensemble as a whole, and a particular level of power and precision to the show. 


Sheldon Bonada - BASS

Tyler Kretchmer has the groove and punch to make any live rock show a good time. Born and raised in Redding, CA, he later moved to the sunny Orange County coast to pursue a life of rock and roll and a good day or two of surfing.

When he's not pounding away at his 6-stroke paradiddles and flam taps, the blue-eyed heartbreaker has been known to break out an electric guitar or make use of his soulful voice.

The members of Queen Legion discovered Tyler’s unique talent in 2020 through a Craigslist ad, and quickly recruited him for their primary band Squiggle Tooth and associated tribute project Styxology. The ad read “DON’T BOTHER APPLYING IF YOU CAN’T NAIL THESE SONGS” (Rush’s Tom Sawyer, and Styx’s One With Everything, amidst a few others). He showed up on day one with the songs learned “to a tee” and the team have been like brothers ever since.


 Tyler Kretchmer- DRUMS

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